The common traditional marketing strategy of visiting multiple real estate offices is slowly being eaten away by the introduction of various automated marketing methods. Technology is on the rise and everything is being consolidated into automated marketing systems for the home inspection industry. Knowing how to calculate your ROI (Return On Investments) or knowing which real estate office to visit can be a challenge with relationship-based marketing. Good news is with new automated technology, insightful changes are coming on the marketing growth in the inspection industry.

Automated marketing system
An automated marketing system can be defined as a process in which technology automates several repetitive functions that are undertaken regularly on a marketing campaign. There are a lot of marketing strategies such as email marketing, Google AdWords, or even social media marketing. With automated marketing systems on the rise, prosperous inspection companies with high financial backings are figuring out how to adjust these systems to fit their respective home inspection needs. Marketing
specialists are less reliant on online leads and are trying to come up with more self-reliant ways.

Automated agent retention system
There is a new development called Automated Agent Retention System, by Austin Hintze from Waypoint Property Inspections. Austin’s motivation was the lack of any systems that automate the handling of referral relationships from start to finish. The current process involves running reports through a company‚Äôs CRM to try and maintain new/current relationships or revive indolent relationships. The development helps his company to fully follow-up on agents who did their first inspection with them. The system assists in reaching out to inactive referral sources plus maintain
relationships with their current referral sources. Austin is working next on a system that will track ROI on presentations and events.

More sophisticated systems have been developed in recent years, by other companies catering to home inspectors. They include access to MLS data, the system will help find agents worth marketing to, those to be avoided and upcoming top agents. Inspection companies marketing agents are able to know their exact ROI for relationship-based marketing. Insurance companies can find homes of high liability risk too using the data.