A home seller should have a checklist with the help of their agent to make sure they have everything is in place. The buyer on the hand has a checklist too they make with the help of their inspectors. There are stakes involved for buyers and sellers during a home inspection. After making a deal with a buyer and they accept it, the seller will get a once-over from the buyer’s home inspector. The inspection is a contingency of the deal meaning the buyer can back out if there are serious problems with the property. When the inspection is conducted the home inspector will have a list of problems. Your agent may be able to negotiate and have the buyer fix the problems with their contractor by negotiating a price credit.

Home inspection checklist
Home inspections are important to both the seller and buyer. The buyer is able to know the condition of the property and the seller is able to get a good deal if the property is in good condition. The home inspection checklist may vary depending on the home. The basic things covered in a home inspection checklist include, exterior e.g. paint and outdoor lighting, plumbing systems, electrical systems, kitchen appliances, HVAC equipment, foundation and basement, attic insulation, grounds, as well as doors and windows. The only thing a home inspection won’t cover is unseen issues.

The seller should make a checklist to prepare for the inspection. First off, you should assemble your paperwork for transparency, ideally include invoices on renovations, repairs and maintenance. Present the documentation to the buyer during the inspection. Second, ensure your house is pristine to create a good first impression. Third, ensure the inspector has access to everything needed and remove all blockers that may hinder the process. Fourth, utilities must be connected for the home inspector to test items such as the stove and air conditioning. Lastly, ensure you fix minor problems beforehand such as a broken light fixture.

Keep in mind, some sellers also consider hiring their own inspectors to check the house before it is listed for a pre-listing inspection.