People tend to rely on the real estate agent only while buying a house. This is not advisable. After all, an agent, while working to satisfy clients, is also focused on making a deal in order to make his commission. But you need to buy a house in order to live in. So you need to get it inspected thoroughly. You should think about consulting a professional. Here are things you need to know and what you can expect from your professional.

Doing building and pest inspection before a purchase
It is very important to get a house inspected properly before buying it. After all, there is no point in buying a house and then realizing soon after that it requires major structural repairs or renovation, which means spending a large amount of money. An estate agent is generally not very keen to get a building and pest inspection done. This is because this kind of inspection will require a lot of time. The estate agent will not have so much time to spend on each deal. Hence they would try to dissuade the buyer from getting any kind of building inspection done.

Know all about building inspection
While doing building inspection, one will come across minor as well as major repair issues. It is important to remember here that no house is perfect. Some amount of repairs will always be necessary. The buyer needs to decide how much of repair work they would be able to handle. Besides, there will always be routine repair and maintenance issues. The buyer should not expect the seller to deal with each of these issues.

What a buyer needs to focus upon is the major structural issues that may affect the resale value of the house. Also, the house should not be in such a condition that it may harm the occupants of the house. In fact, while having the initial talks with the estate agent, it is important to discuss out all these things. Basically, the estate agent needs to be on the same page as the buyer. This way he will not be wasting time in showing that property to the buyer which does not meet all his requirements.

Getting building and pest inspection done properly
It is important to inform the estate agent that building inspection will be done before buying the house. In case there are major structural repair issues requiring big expense, the cost of the house has to come down accordingly. While finalizing the deal, the estate agent will be in a rush to close the deal. At this time, he would ask the buyer to raise the price in order to close the deal. He may even say that there are other buyers and the house may go away. At that time, proper negotiation is required rather than getting pushed by the estate agent. It is vital to get a properly qualified inspector to get the building and pest inspection done. This inspection has to be done from the foundation to the rooftop. There are so many details to be considered. In case the house is old, the time taken will be much more.

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