Have you heard the news? The construction industry is booming. One of the inevitable side effects of this industry boom is an increased demand, and thus a higher price for, certain kinds of services including home inspection. Especially in markets where there’s already a shortage of home inspectors.



It’s both a short-term and a long-term problem. In addition to making it harder to find and more expensive to hire home inspectors, an industry boom may pull more people with construction industry experience out of the home inspection market. Indeed, while accountants, decorators and people with all sorts of professional backgrounds may enter and succeed in the home inspection industry, it’s also true that a lot of time, the construction and real estate industry needs these cross-trained professionals to manage the workload of home inspection requests—again, at least during peak times.


It’s easy to think that a booming construction industry makes it easy to start your own business in pretty much anything related to real estate, including home inspections. On balance, of course, it is better to start during good times with strong demand, but it’s far from a can’t-fail situation, and even booming times can present their own obstacles.


The Big Takeaway for Homebuyers

When reading home-buying guides and online tutorials, it’s commonplace to discuss the potential shortage and scheduling delays associated with the home appraisal. And this is a fair point, but don’t assume that scheduling the home inspection is going to go off without a hitch just because it’s supposed to be the easier one to get done.


What about after closing? Wondering what sort of home inspection steps you should take in the future? Why not start with creating a DIY Home Inspection Checklist?


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