Marshburn Home Inspections is our effort to improve the home inspection industry. We’ve had years and years of experience with home inspections, and while there’s the rare bad actor in any field, there’s nothing particularly broken about the industry. Arguably, the biggest problem that ails the industry, especially in recent years, has been a shortage of home inspectors.



What’s more, the volatility of the home inspection industry is consistently underappreciated by those outside the industry. This is a natural consequence of being so directly connected to boom-and-bust cycles of the real estate market. It also serves as a new career opportunity for people from very diverse business backgrounds. Thus, depending on the market, customers may have more options and the ability to carefully consider the background, experience, and cost of their home inspectors. At other times, it’s a mad scramble just to find any certified home inspector with time in their schedule.


We also want to help customers get more out of their home inspection experience. In addition to important structural analysis, don’t underestimate the value of a home inspector taking you on a detailed tour of the home. Room-by-room, feature-by-feature, big stuff and little stuff, you should have a newfound confidence in exactly what the property has to offer, what its oddities are, and what its future potential could be.


We want to point out the potential differences in professional backgrounds for home inspectors and what that means for your inspection. We also want to point to what makes for a great home inspector and home inspection in general. That’s why we’re called Marshburn Home Inspections.